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USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy is a world-class Kung Fu institution that can turn you into a top martial artist.
It was founded by Master Tao He in the San Francisco bay area in 2001, as one of the affiliates of International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association (IWSD). Master Tao He is one of the world's renowned Wushu coach and 8th degree Black Belt. He is currently Vice chairman of The IWSD Association.
IWSD is created based on Kung Fu and other kinds of martial arts in the world, taking advantages of all the top training methodologies to offer a comprehensive system that brings out the best of the trainee. Under this kind of superb training, one can benefit tremendously by learning to be the best shape one can be, both physically and mentally. You will have a strong body, be great at defending yourself when needed, as well as gaining a disciplined sharp mind.
This system has gained enormous recognition and praise from a great number of experts in the martial arts world. IWSD is not only practical in its applications, but is also extremely beautiful to watch. It contains numerous routines which focus training in free sparring, striking, grappling, throwing, pressure point striking, and weapon applications. Furthermore, the system integrates the essence of soft and hard Qigong, it also emphasizes the cultivation of Qi, light, and spirit with the goal of reaching enlightenment. Hundreds of thousands of students have been trained under the system since its founding, and its lineage has spanned throughout the world as one of the highest regarded systems in the training of champion competitors.
It is our goal at the USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy to preserve and propagate our Kung Fu tradition and to share with the community the values and benefits of Kung Fu training. As such, we provide classes in authentic Chinese Kung Fu within a comprehensive and extensive program for men, women, and children of all ages and initial skill levels.
Here at the USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy, you will receive the finest instruction in authentic Chinese Kung Fu. Our masters are internationally recognized for their exceptionally high level of attainment in the art and for their many years of experience as top-level coaches both in China and in the US. Our masters have trained thousands of students throughout the world and have created both national and international champion competitors Students have won over 300 Gold Medals in various Kung Fu competitions. With their current location in the East Bay Area, they are ready to create their next lineage of students skilled in the traditions of Chinese Kung Fu.
You too can take advantage of the privilege to learn from the best. So, stop by and try out a class today!

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